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Quality, integrity and excellence have always been the hallmarks of our business. Hi-Tech™ Group is a prominent name in the Poultry and Edible Oil sector of Pakistan. With a structured team of experienced veterinarians, highly educated nutritionists and engineers, spirited managers and optimally trained work force, Hi-Tech™ Group is rapidly gaining integrated growth as a leading organization.
Our Companies
Hi-Tech Poultry Breeders
The Hi-Tech™ Poultry Breeders Company is a dynamic component of Hi-Tech Group. Proud to be one of the largest customers of Hubbard® parent breed in Asia, the company has blossomed into a leading provider of day old chicks in Pakistan. We aim to achieve superior efficiency to prosper in today's competitive market. With this focus we constantly strive to enrich our team with the latest knowledge and our production sites with the latest in technology.
Hi-Tech Farms
Hi-Tech™ group strives to provide one of the nation's most affordable sources of protein through its commercial poultry farms. This unit serves as an integral part of our supply chain and also serves as a good feedback system for our feed and day old chick products. The poultry farms are equipped with state of the art control system for ventilation, feeding and drinking of chicken.
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
In Pakistan, growth of poultry sector during last three decades has been quite gradual. After that when hit by Bird Flu syndrome and other market factors at national/international level, it caused a prolonged spell of recession. Realizing the eminent obligation to revive farmer's confidence in sustainable development of poultry, Hi-Tech™ Group moved forward and entered into the field of quality poultry vaccines (live and killed) and medicines for livestock and companion animals.
Hi-Tech Edible Oil Mills
Hi-Tech™ Edible Oil Company was the first step towards the Hi-tech™ Group's diversification goal and surely it proved to be a successful one. It has one of the most sophisticated oil seed crushing and refining plant with the rare capability to crush oil seeds with varied physical attributes. With an exceptional combination of European and American machinery our edible oil has attained an exceptional reputation due to its supreme quality.
Hi-Tech Feeds
Hi-Tech™ Feeds was established in 1985 which marked the inception of Hi-Tech™ group. Within two decades the mother unit has turned into a mega industrial outfit. This was made possible through superior governance and with the support of an extremely dedicated team. Today we are among the largest poultry and cattle feed manufacturers in Pakistan, with the highest number of sales and feedback staff comprising of veterinarian doctors. These representatives not only guide the farmers through the course of placing and rearing their flocks but also instill a relationship of our most prized possession, trust.
Hi-Tech Grain Mills
Hi-Tech Grain Mills (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2016 with the sole purpose to tap in to the growing demand for premium ‘Basmati Rice’ world wide. It is known that The Special Aromatic Basmati Kernel Rice is a gift from nature bestowed upon the subcontinent (Pakistan and India). Hence to truly cater to the connoisseurs of Basmati rice and to meet the very stringent quality standards Hi-tech Grain Mills (Pvt) Ltd, invested in a state of the Art Rice processing facility.
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