Chairman’s Message

Our strategy of integrated growth is based on deliberate planning, meticulous execution and articulated management focused towards sustainable development. We are thankful to each member of our work force for their efforts and confidence in promoting Hi-Tech culture.

Our continued growth and success depends not only on the work we do but also the way we do it. We shall carry over the tradition of team work with trust and innovation that is embedded in our success to face new challenges. Trust and professional excellence shall always remain hallmarks of our business.

May Allah set our sails strong to face the winds of change.

Dr Anwar Mahmood Randhawa


Hi-Tech Group is a well established organization and credible name in the Poultry Sector in Pakistan. Its first unit Hi-Tech Feeds was established in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore. The professional leadership of its founding partners turned the unit into a mega industrial outfit. Its financial roll over and organizational structure have been catalyst to establishment of our poultry breeder farms, hatcheries, an edible oil mill, a pharmaceutical company, another large feed manufacturing unit at Sahiwal for poultry and animals agriculture farming and livestock.